Exodus: esiste una via di uscita?

    Biagio Tampanella

    Indipendent researchers identified a new Android spyware platform that they named Exodus. Instances of this spyware were found on the Google Play Store, disguised as service applications from mobile operators. According to publicly available statistics, all of the victims are located in Italy. All of these Google Play Store pages have been taken down by Google. Researchers believe this spyware platform is developed by an Italian company. Exodus is equipped with extensive collection and interception capabilities. Worryingly, some of the modifications enforced by the spyware might expose the infected devices to further compromise or data tampering. In this report, the author explores this complex and complicated subject, related to cyberspace, analyzing what happened and proposing technical and operational solutions.

    Il report IsAG n. 116 a cura di Biagio Tampanella.

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