Il Qatar e la finanza islamica come nuovo strumento di soft power

    Ugo Gaudino

    This short paper highlights the growing importance of Islamic finance in the global financial market and as a privileged sub-field of Islamic economy. After a focus on the religious principles which undergird the instruments of Islamic finance, I will address the case study of Qatar, where Islamic finance represents a significant asset to achieve the aims of the National Vision 2030. The small Emirate is using shari’a-compliant financial activities as part of its widespread regional and global financial influence, above all through the Qatar Investment Authority. The choice to abide by Quranic norms in financial activities strengthens Doha’s soft power in the Islamic geographical space and enriches the Emirate’s global reputation, together with other crucial tools – like the mediatic giant Al Jazeera and the “sport diplomacy”.

    Il report IsAG n. 115 a cura di Ugo Gaudino.

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