Ana Soage


    Ana Soage was awarded a European PhD (summa cum laude) in Middle East Politics in 2011 after five years conducting research into political Islam in Egypt, where she also lectured at Ain Shams University and at the American University in Cairo. In addition, she holds a DEA (MA) in Hebrew & Arab Cultures (University of Granada, 2006) and bachelor’s degrees in Politics (London Metropolitan University, 1997) and in Translation & Interpreting (University of Granada and Université Toulouse-Le Mirail, 2004), both with honours. Ana has been a regular visitor to the Middle East and North Africa for nearly two decades: Apart from her stay in Egypt, she has lived in Syria and Morocco and has spent time in Palestine, Yemen and Iraq. She is fluent in Arabic (standard and several dialects) as well as French. She currently teaches Politics and Security of the Middle East at Suffolk University (Madrid Campus) and is part of the “European Eye on Radicalization” team.

    Areas of practice
    • University of Granada
    • London Metropolitan University
    • Université Toulouse-Le Mirail